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Fodera Guitars:
World-Class Custom Guitar Makers Since 1983

Fodera Guitars was established in 1983 by Vinny Fodera, a skilled custom guitar builder (luthier) with an eye for creating beautiful instruments, and Joey Lauricella, a professional bass player with practical working experience.

With his hands-on knowledge of how bass guitars felt and sounded, Joey’s pro-player perspective was the perfect complement to Vinny’s aesthetic talent.  Together, they set out on a mission to build distinctive, handmade basses that played effortlessly and allowed artists to achieve tonal nuances unavailable from any other instrument on the market.

Simply put, they wanted to build a bass that would look and sound great; a bass that players just wouldn’t want to put down.

Ever since opening the doors of its first small shop in Brooklyn, NY, Fodera Guitars has established itself as one of the most passionate custom guitar makers in the world.  Today, musicians travel from around the globe for Fodera custom basses and solid body electric guitars.

Exceptional Quality: From developing each instrument’s specifications according to a player’s unique style, to adorning the finished product with the signature inlaid butterfly logo, every craftsman at Fodera is passionately committed to meticulous handiwork and detail.

Fodera Guitars is proud to offer one of the largest selections of premium tone wood in the world.

Recently, two young collage students made a mini documentary about Fodera, that focuses on the value of quality over quantity in this day in age. It sheds light on Fodera's dedication to outstanding craftsmanship. Watch the full documentary here. 

Exceptional Musicians: Each Fodera custom made bass is as unique as the musician who plays it.  Since every custom bass is built for a specific musician, each has its own unique personality.  No two are alike, yet all excite easily, are phenomenally easy to play and loved by their owners


Emperor 5 CUSTOM - Loupe d'Erable / Frêne

odèle : Emperor Custom Année :...


Monarch 4 CUSTOM - Spalted Maple / Alder

odèle : Emperor Custom Année :...


Yin Yang Standard II

Modèle : Yin Yang Standard II Année :...


CUSTOM - Emperor Deluxe Select

Modèle : Emperor Deluxe Select Année :...


Emperor 5 Standard

Modèle : Emperor 5 standard Année :...


Emperor 5 Standard Fretless - FRETTEE

Et oui, il fallait oser fretter une des...


Emperor 6 Standard

Marque : Fodera Modèle : Emperor 6...


Monarch 4 Standard - J-Classic

Modèle : Monarch 4 Standard -...


SOLD / VENDUE - Yin Yang Standard - 4 cordes

Modèle : Yin Yang Standard Année :...


SOLD / VENDUE - Yin Yang Standard 5

Modèle : Yin Yang Standard 5 Année :...


SOLD / VENDUE - CUSTOM - Emperor Deluxe Quilted Maple

Modèle : Emperor Deluxe Custom Année :...


SOLD / VENDUE - FODERA - Emperor 5 Classic Noire - Aulne / Erable

Cette Emperor 5 Classic est la première...


SOLD / VENDUE - Monarch P

Modèle : Monarch P Année :...


SOLD/VENDUE - Monarch Custom Deluxe 5c - Claro Walnut

Modèle : Monarch Deluxe Custom Année :...


SOLD/VENDUE - Monarch Fretless Standard - 4c

Modèle : Monarch Standard...


SOLD/VENDUE - Monarch Standard - 4 cordes

Monarch 4 Standard The Monarch 4...

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