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SOLD/VENDUE - Monarch Standard - 4 cordes

Monarch 4 Standard The Monarch 4 Standard (M4S) was designed from the ground up to provide every ounce of playability and sonic performance we are capable of delivering based on our 28 years of handcrafting some of the finest electric bass guitars in the World. By building just one configuration, with no options, we are able to offer the same legendary Fodera quality of our custom instruments at a very competitive price point. Every M4S is built right here in our Brooklyn, NY shop alongside our custom instruments by the very same people, using the same tools. For tonewoods we use a mixture of ingredients that we feel works beautifully on virtually any gig...medium weight Ash bodies, quartersawn Hard Rock Maple necks, and old-growth Pau Ferro fingerboards -- all perfectly complimented by stunning 5A Bi-Color Flame Maple tops. Rounding out the package is our Fodera / Pope 3-band Standard Preamp and our own Fodera Dual Coil pickups. The M4S delivers deep, tight lows, transparent mids and just enough top-end to make for an incredibly balanced sonic presentation. Released on October 20, 2012 at Bass Player Live, the Monarch 4 Standard began shipping to customers on January 1, 2013.